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With more than two decades of project management experience, Launch Capacity LLC can bring to a project all the important attributes needed. Too often discussions of project management get lost in discussions of the latest software and methodologies. While the latest tools and technologies are very important, they need context for the very best results. We believe great project management comes down to three characteristics: teambuilding, best practices and open, honest communication.

Team building is not only reviewing your team for strengths but finding additional abilities that help drive the project to success. Today that means the proper mix of current staff, outside expertise and local and international vendors all coming together under the proper direction. That job is where the project manager comes to the forefront. The project manager knows the team, the capabilities, its limitations, and when to just get out of the way and let the team build the project. Like a good coach, the project manager provides a mix of the right resources and people, running interference when needed, and making the call when less than 100% is hitting the field. Finally, the project manager needs the ability to step out of the spotlight when the team wins!


Best practices are driven by outside perspectives that are important to any successful project. No matter what level of technology that is brought to a task, it misses the mark if the team is doing a job that doesn’t need to be done. Many times tasks and processes occur because it is the “way that we have always done them.” Great project management involves constantly challenging the current processes, bringing best practices to bear and always looking across industries for new ways of accomplishing business needs. This effort is quite difficult if it is done from the inside out.

Open communication in all project work is an effort to identify the unknowns and constantly reduce them. Projects are ongoing opportunities to celebrate the outstanding work being done by your people every day which becomes even more evident when milestones are hit. Finally, good project management requires honest reporting of the problems as well as the successes. Outside project managers can tell that truth even when it is not always what the organization expected it to be. Project Management methodology must have ongoing unvarnished timely reporting that senior executives can always trust.

Of course any project is a very complex effort undertaken by the organization. All projects require financial support from the greater company, a successful ongoing organization in which to reside and, at the end of the day, it always requires support from senior management to be truly successful. The role of the project manager is to provide the team, the perspective and the honest reporting that allows the project team to end up in the winner’s circle. That combination would be the best project management methodology. Would a different perspective help on your new project large or small?

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